The Best of Taylor McCluskey: "Reckless" Album 2017 - Pack #3


The Best of Taylor McCluskey: "Reckless" Album 2017 - Pack #3


"Reckless" Album 2017 - Pack #3

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E. Stronger. Together. Lyrics and Tabs - PDF

F. I Want To Live Lyrics and Tabs - PDF

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When Taylor McCluskey first set out to make "Eternal Love" back in 2015, he intended to record an album that would be a return to live performance. Unfortunately, he had to rethink this record long and hard. He knew that while he was in Montreal with JeanFred Lizotte and Zak St. John and Andrew James were in Los Angeles. This would not be an easy task to complete all tracking since it had to be done in sections with Glen Robinson at his studio in Montreal. Just the bare necessities of The MFICs live performance in different countries with a little sugar in the post. The sound is powerful and intensely provocative. 

Reckless… Naked is stripped-down, into which speaks the truth of the addictive and ruminating tendencies that Taylor McCluskey overcomes within society daily. The album that Taylor McCluskey originally aimed to create was the new sonic tone of the band with Glen Robinson and The MFICs. 

McCluskey/Robinson wrote three new tunes called Flow, Reckless, 5000 years and No Failure with the backbone of St. John/James. Creating the new sound that drives an assaulting flow of adrenaline and determination to conquer all pressing fears. 

McCluskey/Lizotte/Robinson wrote "Stronger. Together." with the collaboration of St.John/James on drums and bass. In turn, it gave "Stronger. Together." the power it needed to showcase McCluskey's lyrics. By channeling his political and social views, in order to positively influence peace and prosperity in this moment of time.  

Bang Bang (My Fire's For You), I Want To Live, Power and Stronger Than, were arranged intricately, to weave and complement the new four tracks above, in order to match the ultimate message of "Reckless" which is...Our Eternal Resilience of All Space And Time.

Thank you for your past and future support.

Please enjoy our self-produced album "Reckless" and play it loud for all to hear.