Here We Go Again (WAV)

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Amen Cover.jpg

Here We Go Again (WAV)


16 bit 44.100 kHz WAV audio file

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Stuck in a cell ‘tho you’re not in a jail

Your daddy can’t come and pay your bail


Imprisoned by the lies that were sold to you

You never though to check if they were true


They dumbed us all down and tool away our rights 

It all went down without much o’ fight


Oh No, Here We Go Again x2


Never mind the bread ‘cause it don’t matter now

When the circus is just this damn good


Show me all the things that should fill my eyes

Until I can see you

Oh No, Here We Go Again x2


They don’t care what you think but what you think about

Take a set back and you’ll find it out


Chicken with its beak on a white chalk like

That’s the way they control your mind


Oh No, Here We Go Again x4

Only followers need leaders

Now can’t you see

This ain’t no way for us to be

Liberate your mind

From its tyranny 

Then you can be truly free


Written By: Taylor McCluskey and Jimmy Hagadone
Rhythm Guitar, 12 String And Vocals By:Taylor McCluskey
Lead Guitar And Keys By: Jimmy Hagadone
Bass By: Andrew James
Drums By: Blake Paulson
Engineered By: Matt Vogt
Mixed By: Warren Huart At Swing House
Mastered By: Robert Vosgien At Capitol Mastering
Cover Designed By Dan Ortiz